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SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

Post by Aubrey_Taylor » January 1st, 2019, 9:50 am

    Vol. 8, Issue 12 - December 2018
        A Look Back
        • By Siwan Sinjar
          Associate Warden

          With 2019 ahead of us, we're putting 2018 behind us. However, all the things that occurred in 2018 will not be forgotten. There were incredible improvements made to the department as a whole, but not without their challenges and the obstacles along the way. This year saw the implementation of new badge numbers. Two new tactics courses to further train the department's officers. A revamp of the Correctional Sergeant Academy, formerly known as the Sergeant Training Program. An entirely new way that the

          This year the department transitioned from being SADOC to being SADCR. With the new department name, a plethora of changes came with it. New badge numbers. New training courses. A fresh look at a sergeant academy. The revitalization of two units; SSU and EOU. Department-wide salary increase. Just to name some of the changes made to the department this year. The changes are still coming and the department's administrative personnel are still working tirelessly to make SACF a better workplace.

          To bring it back to this month, the department is currently undergoing some changes in the Recruitment & Evaluation Unit (REU), Departmental Training Unit (DTU) and the academy process for cadets as a whole. The way applicants are accepted as cadets and progress towards being an officer will be streamlined and made easier, not only for every individual cadet but also for the REU and DTU staff.

          The Field Training Program (FTP) was released this month, which will serve to streamline the process of recently inducted cadets and their progress from Correction Officer I to Correction Officer II. They will be partnered up with a Field Training Officer (FTO) for three different phases. The FTO will teach and evaluate the officer, who gets given more autonomy in each subsequent FTP phase. At the end of which they are recommended for a promotion.
          • Recruitment & Evaluation Unit
            The Recruitment & Evaluation Unit (REU) has changed its Commander. The veteran member of the unit, Sergeant Elizabeth Rochester, who formerly was a Senior Recruitment Officer, will now serve as the commander of the Recruitment & Evaluation Unit. Sergeant Rochester is taking over for Lieutenant Roy Orr, the former REU Commander. The REU works to evaluate and recruit cadets into the ranks of the department.

            Parole Operations Unit
            The Parole Operations Unit (POU) has been going through a lot of different commanders since the departure of former-Captain Theresa Rosewood. Recently promoted Sergeant Katie Hayes was appointed the POU Commander, taking over for Warden Aubrey Taylor, who will still oversee the unit as the Division Chief. The POU works to rehabilitate inmates as parolees back in society.

            Departmental Training Unit
            Sergeant Elizabeth Rochester was also appointed the Assistant Commander of the Departmental Training Unit (DTU), who will work together with Associate Warden Siwan Sinjar, the Commander of DTU, to further train officers of the department in advanced training. Sergeant Rochester is a senior member of the training unit and will continue to instruct officers from her new position.
            • December 2
              A fight escalates between two a group of Caucasian inmates and a group of African-American inmates in the General Population Yard. Officers respond with less lethal launchers and tear gas to get control of the situation. However, when the group of white inmates used make-shift knives to attack the opposite group, the use of lethal firepower was authorized for the correctional staff. A shot from an M1A Tower Rifle from the officer on the yard tower caused all the inmates in the yard to cease fighting. The instigators were segregated and one inmate died as a result of the fight.

              December 5
              During the evening shift in Department A, Housing Unit 1, the inmates in the housing unit were ordered to return to their cells, when two groups formed in the dayroom of the housing unit. The inmates were all given several warnings to return to their cells. Make-shift weapons were instantly brought into the fight between the inmates. Tear gas was deployed into the housing unit, while officers prepared lethal firepower to respond. Inmates were informed of lethal firepower being used, at which point the inmates ceased the fight. The housing unit was brought back under control, and investigators from Special Services were called in to investigate the incident.
              • December 9
                During the evening shift in Department A, Housing Unit 1, a confrontation between African-American inmates escalates into a fight, when one inmate is trapped between two other inmates on the stairs to the upper tier. Insults are thrown between the inmates, and orders are given by the officers for the inmates to return to their cells. When the fight became physical, less lethal launchers were used by correctional staff to defuse the situation. Officers were quick to act and brought the housing unit under control within minutes. One inmate was treated in the infirmary for his injuries.

                December 17
                In Department A, Housing Unit 1, two inmates deliberately obstructed the view of a cell on the upper tier. Two inmates came out of the cell carrying an inmate, then proceeded to throw the inmate over the railing. The officer in the control tower ordered inmates in the housing unit to prone out on the ground. Subsequently, every uninvolved inmate was ordered to return to their cells. The inmates responsible were questioned before being segregated. The injured inmate was treated in the infirmary and is still recovering.


                • Image Correction Officer II > Image Corporal
                  • #24659 - Brenton Martel
                    #21858 - Jay Gorham

                  Image Correction Officer I > Image Correction Officer II
                  • #21197 - Frank Abaroa
                    #23669 - Megan Fischer
                    #24493 - Lela Wilbur
                    #24173 - Mikaela Sokolov

                  All (bulk) promotions work in accordance to the Promotion System guidelines. If you believe you should have been promoted but weren't, contact your relevant superior with your concerns.
                  Officer of the Month - December 2018

                  Sergeant Elizabeth Rochester

                  The department has seen a lot of difficulties in the field, while facing obstacles as changes have been implemented administratively. With changes being made to the recruitment process, there have been just as many changes to the Recruitment & Evaluation Unit, which have been spearheaded by its new Commander, Sergeant Elizabeth Rochester, who is being awarded Officer of the Month for December 2018.

                    • Welcome to the monthly CompStat for December 2018. The CompStat system was first adopted in law enforcement use by the NYPD in 1994. Its purpose was to track down crime, pinpoint it, and thus be able to methodically and accurately root out violent crime in the city. Since then, CompStat has expanded to differing purposes and different departments throughout America. The SADCR tracks the following occurrences to target improvement of the allocation of the department's resources:
                      • —Staffing (Increases/decreases in employment levels)
                        —Violent Crime (Class I CRC Offenses)
                        —Contraband (Amount of contraband confiscated on facility grounds)
                        —Lockdowns (Amount of times the facility entered lockdown in a month)
                        —Parole Program
                        —Inmate Work Program

                      December 2018's CompStat recordings:


                      • HIGH COMMAND STAFF
                        • Image WARDEN - 1
                          Image DEPUTY WARDEN - 0
                          Image ASSOCIATE WARDEN - 1
                          TOTAL: 2 (5%)

                        COMMAND STAFF
                        • Image CAPTAIN - 1
                          Image LIEUTENANT - 2
                          TOTAL: 3 (8%)

                        SUPERVISORY STAFF
                        • Image MASTER SERGEANT - 2
                          Image SERGEANT - 5
                          TOTAL: 7 (19%)

                        CUSTODY STAFF
                        • Image CORPORAL - 6
                          Image CORRECTION OFFICER II - 2
                          Image CORRECTION OFFICER I - 17
                          TOTAL: 25 (68%)

                        DEPARTMENT TOTAL: 37

                      Violent Crime

                      • —12 occurrences of (1)01. Murder
                        —2 occurrences of (1)02. Attempted Murder
                        —4 occurrences of (1)03. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                        —51 occurrences of (1)04. Assault & Battery
                        —0 occurrences of (1)05. Rape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)05. Torture
                        —0 occurrences of (1)06. Hostage Taking
                        —0 occurrences of (1)07. Possession of a Firearm
                        —8 occurrences of (1)08. Possession of an Improvised Weapon
                        —0 occurrences of (1)09. Manufacture of a Dangerous Weapon / Device
                        —1 occurrences of (1)10. Arson
                        —0 occurrences of (1)11. Riot
                        —0 occurrences of (1)12. Attempted Escape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)13. Escape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)14. Introduction of Contraband
                        —1 occurrences of (1)15. Possession of Contraband With Intent to Sell


                      • WEAPONS (UNIT: ITEMS)
                        • —Knives/Shanks/Blades recovered - 10
                          —Improvised explosives recovered - 0
                          —Blunt impact weapons recovered - 0
                          —Firearms recovered - 0
                          —Other items recovered - 0

                        • —Marijuana recovered - 1g
                          —Cocaine recovered - 1g
                          —Heroin recovered - 0g
                          —Alcohol recovered - 0 ml

                      • MISCELLANEOUS
                        • —Money recovered - $0
                          —Other items recovered - 0

                      • Lockdowns for December 2018:
                        —0 Lockdown Code Blacks
                        —0 Lockdown Code Reds
                        —0 Lockdown Code Yellow

                    (( The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is not responsible for the roleplay style of inmates, the above figures are in no way shape or form a representative of the IC "effectiveness" of the SADCR, or any other faction operating within SACF. The overwhelming majority of the time, inmates are caught with their crimes. ))
                    The mission of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is to ensure the security of state prisons and the safety of offenders and staff. The Department plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by rehabilitating offenders in order to decrease recidivism and create productive members of society. The Department provides offender management services that protect the community from habitual offenders.

                    The monthly newsletter is intended for sworn and civilian employees and those interested in the activities of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is published by the Public Relations Director and contains content prepared by Public Relations Officers and other Department employees. For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Public Relations Director.
                    Warden Aubrey Taylor | Public Relations Director Lars Granger

                    WARDEN AUBREY TAYLOR
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                    Re: SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

                    Post by Lela_Wilbur » January 1st, 2019, 10:43 am


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                    Re: SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

                    Post by Brenton_Martel » January 1st, 2019, 11:31 am

                    So glad to see that. Congratulations everyone! Best of luck and Happy New Year!
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                    Re: SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

                    Post by Katie_Hayes » January 1st, 2019, 12:01 pm

                    good read. congrats everyone
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                    Re: SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

                    Post by Elizabeth_Rochester » January 1st, 2019, 4:59 pm

                    Happy new year and congratulations guys!

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                    Re: SADCR Newsletter, December 2018

                    Post by Mikaela_Sokolov » January 1st, 2019, 6:32 pm

                    Happy new year! Congratulations to everyone who was promoted and I hope everyone has a happy new year.
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