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Facility Information, Visiting, Contacting an Inmate

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The San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF) is committed to ensuring a safe and secure institution that provides quality medical, educational, vocational, and correctional programs for all inmates confined to SACF. The goal of SACF is to achieve total rehabilitation and community reintegration upon release. SACF is a complex, multi-mission institution comprised of two General Population housing facilities and a Security Housing Unit. In addition, the institution has an Infirmary, Visiting Center, and Prison Industry laundry/workshop.

Contact between inmates and members of the public may be done by way of written mail, phone, or visitation.

Written Contact
  • Inmates may be sent letters and some items. All mail is thoroughly inspected by correctional staff before delivery. Any attempts to intentionally smuggle contraband through the mail may be met with criminal prosecution.
    To ensure that mail indeed reaches its intended recipient, please indicate the recipient address as follows:
    • Inmate Full Name, SADCR#
      San Andreas Correctional Facility
      23 Deadman's Road
      Fort Carson, SA 90206
    Inmates may also send mail to pre-approved addresses.
Phone Contact
  • Most inmates may use SADCR-provided phone service to contact pre-approved numbers.
    The usage of prison phones is a privilege which can be revoked at the discretion of prison staff, such as for a violation of prison rules. Inmates in Secure Housing generally may not make phone calls. All phone calls are recorded and may be monitored or reviewed.
Driving Directions
  • Visits take place at the San Andreas Correctional Facility's Visit Department. Members of the public may enter the facility's lobby, which is open to the public.

    From Los Santos, the following directions apply. The itinerary includes a toll.
    • Mulholland Freeway North from Los Santos to Las Venturas.
      Las Venturas Freeway west to Fallow Bridge.
      North to Fort Carson.
      Northwest from Fort Carson Transit Station, onto Deadman's Road.
    Members of the public may park their vehicles in the SACF Public Parking lot, free of charge.

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Visit Rules
  • Members of the public may arrange in-person visits with inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities. Prior to arriving to the visit location, members of the public must ensure they possess a valid form of ID. Accepted identification must contain a photo. The following may be used as accepted identification:
    • San Andreas Driver's License
      Armed forces identification card
      United States Department of Justice Immigration and Customs Enforcement Identification Card
      Any United States or international passport
    Clothes resembling those worn by correction officers or inmates must not be worn by visitors. Visitors are also expected to dress modestly. Items of clothing that cannot successfully pass a metal detector need to be removed prior to the visit.

    Visits may be non-contact or contact, depending on decisions made by staff and wishes expressed by visitors. Contact visits involve inmates and visitor sitting at a table together; non-contact visits separate inmate and visitors with a window.
    Other rules may apply during the visit, as per SADCR policy or officers' discretion. These rules also must be respected at all stages of the visit.

    Members of the public may not currently bring in any items except religious or medical devices.
Perimeter Security
  • SADCR directly manages an area of roughly 2000 feet around SACF. Pursuant to property rights over the area, SADCR policy prohibits any presence in the area outside of Deadman's Road without prior authorization.

    The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation provides armed patrols around the area marked in red, in order to safeguard the security of SACF against smuggling or escape attempts.

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